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7-8 November, venue bit Time Group, Rome

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ITDevCon X

bit Time Professionals and bit Time Software are proud to announce that this year ITDevCon is back for the tenth edition! The Delphi conference will be on November 7th and 8th in Rome. As always, the conference is oriented to the discussion of 'tasty' topics for the Delphi community, but on this edition will also be shown topics that are not strictly related to Delphi programming but of great interest as ... Curious? All you have to do to find out is participate!

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The two-day Conference is structured in 2 parallel sessions. Speeches are 55 minutes long and cover live demos, best practices and all of your questions! You can choose your favourite topics and plan your personalized agenda! The Conference Organisers reserve the right to make any change to the program, without prior notice.


Join the international experts of Delphi and meet the exponents of Embarcadero. Discover the next protagonists of ITDevCon!

  • Daniele

    Daniele Teti

    Daniele Teti is a software architect, trainer, and consultant with over 20 years of professional experience. He's an Embarcadero MVP and is a well-known Delphi and programming expert in the developers' community. He's the main developer and drives the development of some Delphi open source projects (DelphiMVCFramework, LoggerPro, DORM - 'The Delphi ORM', Delphi Redis Client, Delphi STOMP Client, and more). Currently, he's the CEO of bit Time Professionals, an Italian company specializing in high-level consultancy, training, and development. Daniele acts as a consultant and teacher for many Italian and European companies, so he very often travels around the world, and he's also an international speaker at technical conferences. Daniele is the author of the best-selling series Delphi Cookbook published by PacktPub.

    Day One 09:15 - 09:35 Opening Keynote

    Day One 11:55 - 12:50 Handle processes with Kanban

    Kanban is a visual system for managing work as it moves through a process. Kanban visualizes both the process (the workflow) and the actual work passing through that process. The goal of Kanban is to identify potential bottlenecks in your process and fix them so work can flow through it cost-effectively at an optimal speed or throughput. Kanban gives flexibility in terms of planning and execution. Instead of working in time-based sprints (like Scrum), work is continuously delivered in Kanban, and your team pulls single pieces of work from the backlog, and then moves them to done. In this talk we'll see what kanban really is, how it can helps you to make your workflow smoother and how it can helps to be on time with your deadlines. Moreover, we'll demonstrate some of the Kanban concepts using a very flexible FOSS which implement a Kanban board.

    Day One 15:00 - 15:55 DMVCFramework 3.2 - boron

    DMVCFramework continues to be the most popular Delphi open source framework on GitHub. Thousands of users all around the world use it every day for a very wide range kind of systems. It is not uncommon to see big and complex systems using a cluster of DMVCFramework instances to handle hundred of thousands of concurrent connections every day. DMVCFramework is the perfect companion for your Delphi skills. In this talk we'll all the new features of DMVCFramework 3.2-boron with the usual real-world examples. Moreover, we'll see also some not-widely-known features that can really help the Delphi developer in its day by day job. Don't miss it!

    Day One 17:15 - 17:45 Closing Session

    Day Two 9:20 - 9:30 Welcome to the Day 2

    Day Two 14:55 - 15:50 Single-Sign-On and Excel Export with DMSContainer 3.1

    While DMSContainer continues to be the microservices development framework choosed by a lot of Delphi developers, it continues to evolve adding more features and new modules. The new Single-Sign-On module allows to develop standard and simple SSO capabilities for your systems. Say good bye to the development of ''yet another users management system''. Moreover, the well known user's request: ''Can I have this grid in Excel?'' will find a response in this version with the long awaited Excel Export Module. In this talk we'll see all the new features using examples and showing utilization scenarios. For the attendees of ITDevConX there will be also a great discount for the Standard and Professionals edition of DMSContainer.

    Day Two 17:10 - 17:40 Closing Session

  • Stefan

    Stefan Glienke

    First with Turbo Pascal and later with Delphi Stefan has more than 15 years experience in programming. He is also interested in other languages of course especially C#. His special interests are software design, patterns and principles and how to easily use these things in day-to-day business. Since 2011 he is developing the DSharp library and is also developer on the Spring4d project.

    Day One 16:15 - 17:10 When software meets hardware

    When thinking about performance of software the theoretical characteristics of algorithms and data structures are important – how do they behave with less or more data? This is very important but regardless the hardware it will be running on should not be disregarded.
    This session will focus on the CPU. Modern processors have many tricks to be aware of to know if the program can benefit from or at least not be negatively affected by them. These are things like cache locality, cache associativity, true and false sharing between cores, memory alignment, jump prediction and instruction pipeline.

    Day Two 09:35 - 10:30 Generics – Best practice

    Generics are part of many software architectures these days – in the RTL, VCL and FMX, in third party libraries and components or own code. Although generics often are just associated with lists, dictionaries and such there are many interesting and powerful implementations that are not possible without them. However, because of the way generics work and are implemented there are several things to consider when using them affecting runtime, compile time and binary size.
    In this session it will be explained how generics are working and what to look for when using them: from the way they are implemented in the compiler over some intrinsic functions (often called magic functions) to some important advices when creating generic.
    Based on some real refactoring of existing generics the effects of following these advices will be shown.

  • Omar

    Omar Bossoni

    Omar sviluppa con passione software da oltre 35 anni, ed in Delphi fin dal 1995. Fondatore nel 1997 della BCI Software & Solutions, specializzata nella realizzazione di software ad hoc in collaborazione con realtà sia nazionali che internazionali, oltre che sviluppare software per conto di quotate software house, mettendo a disposizione la propria esperienza come consulente, formatore o sviluppatore e collaborando attivamente con alcuni progetti OpenSource. Insieme ad altri colleghi e amici è cofondatore della ''Delphi Force'', gruppo di sviluppatori creato per condividere progetti open source (eInvoice4D) e promuovere l'uso di Delphi (

    Day Two 14:55 - 15:50 Demystify Apple Developer Program

    Se vi è capitato di dover configurare il vs Mac per sviluppare applicazioni Delphi per iOS, avrete notato che non è una cosa semplice ed immediata. In questo speech vedremo come procedere passo passo per poter fare il deploy della vs app su di un dispositivo iOS partendo dall'Apple Developer Program per giungere al deploy di un'app.

  • Carlo

    Carlo Barazzetta

    Carlo Barazzetta is a long time italian Delphi developer (since Delphi 1) bearing more than 25 years of development experience.
    Over the years he has specialized in enterprise client / server projects and object-oriented programming (since 2004 with InstantObjects).
    15 years ago Carlo founded Ethea with the aim to create development frameworks for Delphi.
    This initiative gave birth to InstantSolutions (C/S), InstantApps (Mobile) and Kitto (SPA WEB Apps with ExtJS).
    Carlo lives in Carugate, near Milan (Italy), with his wife, three children and two cats.

    Day One 15:00 - 15:55 PDF and Office document processing technology for Delphi VCL and FMX

    In this session we will see many advancements in document processing technology for Delphi VCL and FMX, enabled through Gnostice Document Studio Delphi. We will cover the following topics:
    - Viewing PDF, DOCX and image files on FMX Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
    - New LiveBindings support for the FMX and VCL Document Viewers with support for linking to String and Blob fields and values being file paths, document streams, and URIs.
    - New document conversion and printing features in VCL and FMX.
    - Using PDF form as data-entry template in an ERP application using PDF Form-field to Data-field binding capability.
    - Generate digitally signed PDFs from FastReport Reports.
    - Render PDF on FastReport reports and more.

  • Fabrizio

    Fabrizio Bitti

    He starts his career as a programmer for different businesses such as Olivetti, specializing in C++, C, Java and in the use of the Borland Products (today known as Embarcadero). In 1996 he moves in England where he works for IBM UK Itd and DST International, dealing with big projects for the London Stock Exchange; he develops applications for the finance sector and acquires both technical and operating competences in the financial sector. Back in Italy, he cooperates with different software house in Italy, and in 2002 he starts his adventure founding bit Time Software, of which he’s CEO.

    Day One 09:15 - 09:35 Opening Keynote

    Day One 17:15 - 17:45 Closing Session

    Day Two 9:20 - 9:30 Welcome to the Day 2

    Day Two 17:10 - 17:40 Closing Session

  • Primož

    Primož Gabrijelčič

    Primož Gabrijelčič is a long-time Delphi programmer working with Delphi since its inception (and even before, since Turbo Pascal 3 days). Besides his professional programming career, he writes for programming/computer oriented magazines (Monitor, Blaise Pascal Magazine) and is frequent contributor to the Delphi community. In the past few years his focus was mainly on parallel programming and high availability server solutions wich resulted in extremely popular threading library for Delphi - OmniThreadLibrary. He's also an avid blogger, publishing his thoughts on Delphi programming at

    Day One 10:55 - 11:50 Double bill: Patterns for pragmatists (Part 1)

    Design patterns are important. They help us write better code and make communication with other programmers much simpler. They are also mostly misunderstood, result in terrible code and make mess out of everything. In this double session we'll explain the basics of design patterns and explore their good and bad sides. After that we'll look into some of the most popular design patterns and see how they can be applied to code, written in Delphi. And, most important, we'll also look at the patterns that should not be used in Delphi - at least not in the way they were originally designed

    Day One 14:00 - 14:55 Double bill: Patterns for pragmatists (Part 2)

    Part 2 of Double bill: Patterns for pragmatists

    Day Two 10:50 - 11:45 My code is slow. What can I do about that?

    Writing fast code starts at the top - with a fast algorithm. In this session we'll look into the idea of algorithmic complexity - what it is and how does it affect the program speed. We'll look at few examples of slow code and see how to make it faster. Along the way you'll learn some tricks that will help you speed up your own code. And don't worry - you don't have to know anything about mathematics to participate!

    Day Two 16:10 - 17:05 Back to basics: Enumerators

    You certainly know how to write a loop, but do you know how to implement support for enumeration in your object? Do you know how to implement it correctly and with minimal code? How to reuse existing enumerators? All that - and more! - will be covered in this session which will end with a bombshell!

  • Marco

    Marco Breveglieri

    Marco is a software and Web developer, a mentor and a consultant focused since 1999 on Delphi (for Windows and the other native platforms supported by the product) and on C# (for .NET based solutions). He works at “ABLS Team”, a company dedicated to process analysis and software implementation, from small dedicate systems to large vertical solutions, which also offers consulting, training and outsourcing services providing its expertise to partners and companies.

    Day One 16:15 - 17:10 L'IDE di Delphi ti sta stretto? Estendilo tu!

    L'ambiente di sviluppo integrato (IDE) di Delphi offre una gamma davvero molto ampia di strumenti, comandi e opzioni disponibili e pronte all'uso. Tuttavia un giorno potresti scoprire che, tra tutte queste funzionalità, guarda caso manca proprio quella in grado di soddisfare l'esigenza che ti sta più a cuore; in alternativa, potresti iniziare a pensare una 'automazione' che, se Delphi fosse in grado di eseguirla, ti farebbe risparmiare senz'altro una valanga di tempo nel tuo lavoro, evitando di fare tutto manualmente con il rischio di commettere degli errori. Se questo ventaglio di situazioni ti appare molto familiare ma non sai dove iniziare, questo talk fa proprio per te! Grazie alle Open Tools API, Delphi ci consente di interfacciarci all'IDE e di aggiungere nuovi comandi, nuove finestre di lavoro, nuovi wizard e modelli di progetti, anche integrati nell'editor del codice sorgente. Grazie a una spiegazione approfondita e diversi esempi di codice realizzati appositamente, vedremo assieme ciò che serve per estendere le funzionalità dell'IDE, per automatizzarlo e quindi avvicinarlo sempre più al nostro modo di lavorare.

  • Emilio

    Emilio Pérez Podcaster, Abatic Soluciones Tecnologicas CEO and IT Trainer

    Day One 09:40 - 10:35 LoggerPro Deep Dive - SysLog Example

    Syslog is a standard for message logging. It allows separation of the software that generates messages, the system that stores them, and the software that reports and analyzes them. Each message is labeled with a facility code, indicating the software type generating the message, and assigned a severity level. LoggerPro is an modern and pluggable logging framework for Delphi. In this session we will learn how to create logs of our Delphi applications using LoggerPro

    Day Two 10:50 - 11:45 Using FireDAC with the “World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database” a.k.a. PostgreSQL

    Using FireDAC with the “World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database” a.k.a. PostgreSQL

    Day Two 13:55 - 14:50 REST framework comparison

    There are different ways to create a backend server with Delphi. Throughout the conference we will learn about the most relevant tools within the Delphi world

  • Maurizio

    Maurizio Del Magno

    Con Delphi fin dalla prima versione. Fondatore e responsabile sviluppo di Levante Software. Autore e maintainer di iORM e DJSON, progetti open source disponibili liberamente su GitHub. Insieme ad altri colleghi e amici è cofondatore della ''Delphi Force'', gruppo di sviluppatori creato per condividere progetti open source (eInvoice4D) e promuovere l'uso di Delphi (

    Day One 09:40 - 10:35 Capire e usare Git per tracciare il codice (Part 1)

    Git è il sistema di versioning più utilizzato al mondo da aziende importanti (NASA, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft) ma è utilissimo anche per singoli sviluppatori. Git è sicuro, comodo, veloce e se lo usi non potrai più farne a meno! Vedremo come gestire progetti semplici o complessi, da solo o in team, contribuire a progetti open source. In questo talk affronteremo i concetti base di git, branch, merge, rebase, stash, push/pull, patches, pull requests e fork.

    Day One 10:55 - 11:50 Capire e usare Git per tracciare il codice (Part 2)

    Parte 2 di Capire e usare Git per tracciare il codice

  • Marco

    Marco Cantù

    Marco Cantù is the Delphi Product Manager for Embarcadero and author of over a dozen books on Delphi, from the first versions up to the latest one with his Delphi Handbooks Collection. Previously, Marco was a consultant and trainer and has given classes on Delphi for many years around the world. His focus include Delphi Enterprise capabilities, DataSnap and REST, Web development and jQuery, cloud-based technologies, and mobile development with the Delphi FireMonkey framework. Marco lives in Italy and commutes to California.

    Day Two 11:50 - 12:45 Delphi Present and Future

    In this session Delphi Product Manager Marco Cantù will cover the latest features Embarcadero added to Delphi, what is currently in the works, and what is planned for the future. The session will touch on the Delphi language, the RTL, Windows and Multi-Device development, plus web services and cloud support. Marco will also cover focus areas and new architectures aimed at improving the product overall.

  • Fabio

    Fabio Codebue

    Fabio Codebue develop custom solution sice 1994. Moving from RPG to windows environments, he soon fell in love with Delphi and Firebird ( of which he has been a supporter and member of the Firebird Foundation Committee since 2004. Still, with P-Soft of which he is CEO and founder, he offers optimization and training services on firebird and integrated solutions between mobile and desktop environments. Together with other colleagues and friends he is co-founder of 'Delphi Force', a group of developers created to share open source projects (eInvoice4D) and promote the use of Delphi (

    Day Two 13:55 - 14:50 Firebird: il replicante è arrivato!

    Approfondimento tecnico della replica di Firebird. Esamineremo la nuova API CDC, le capacità per creare replicators di terze parti e possibilità di integrazione esterna. Verranno spiegate le modalità di replica avanzate (multi-target, multi-source, multi-master). Infine, la replica non si limita a scopi di stand-by o di bilanciamento del carico, preparati a imparare a utilizzare la replica per la migrazione della versione, l'accelerazione delle prestazioni.

  • Marco

    Marco Mottadelli

    Fondatore di DNA Software Sas società che si occupa di analisi sviluppo software (Desktop, Mobile, Web). Attualmente collabora attivamente con società che operano nel settore Retail e Sanità. Insieme ad altri colleghi e amici è cofondatore della ''Delphi Force'', gruppo di sviluppatori creato per condividere progetti open source (eInvoice4D) e promuovere l'uso di Delphi (

    Day One 14:00 - 14:55 Un maggiordomo tuttofare: Continuous Integration con Delphi & Jenkins

    Vediamo insieme come funziona questo strumento di integrazione continua analizzando i seguenti aspetti:
    – Version Control
    – Automatic Test
    – Automatic Build

    Day Two 16:10 - 17:05 Non avere paura del web: Il “triplete” indispensabile

    Success Case dell’architettura di un applicativo WEB. Vediamo insieme una panoramica di come, con due framework Delphi Open Source e con la libreria Sencha ExtJS, è possibile costruire un applicazione web senza scrivere codice HTML.

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